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"I want to express the delight, and that of my children, with "Buster and Me". It's an adorable show, not only for kids but adults too. It's unusual to find such a cute, entertaining and educational show on a local station. I thought KQED was the only station with exceptional programs. Thanks for an enjoyable half hour each Saturday morning. PS My son's in love with Robin".
Kathleen McLeod

"We just love your show! We fell for it last year. It gives us a breath of real humor, charm and goodness on Saturday morning. We all watch - five of us. We sing your praises. Consider us fans!"
The Brandt Family
(especially Sarah who is 5 1/2)

"Our family recently discovered "Buster and Me" on Saturday morning. This is certainly the best program for children on Saturday morning and it appears to be the equal of any children's program. We watch this show as a family and our two oldest (eight and four years old) find it very funny but also clearly understand the intended message. The entire show is really a delight."
Stanley J. Benkoski

"My children (boys age 5 and 7) and I have been enjoying "Buster and Me" ever since we discovered it via the article in the Chronicle Datebook. In fact, while we were on vacation in Canada and Washington, they were very upset that Buster was not on those TV stations.

In trying to figure out its appeal, I've decided "Buster" - as with Sesame Street - works partly from the mix of puppets and humans: Robin's responsiveness to the puppets makes the whole situation seem realistic (to me!) and of course the monkeys are children in every way and thus so appealing to other children. But I think the most important thing is Robin's treatment of them as people, incorporating so many theories of modern parenting in her dealings with "her" children.

Thanks for putting something excellent on TV, including those crazy ads (our favorite is the "Hey kids, bored with TV" one)."
Sita Likuski

"I would just like to send you a brief note of commendation for your show "Buster and Me". In particular, I would like to praise the show where Buster and Vanilla come to terms with the fact that they were adopted.

The show was particularly meaningful to me as I too was an adopted child. It was so easy for me to empathize with Buster as he experienced all the fear, frustration, and anger that goes along with recognition that you have been "abandoned".

The show beautifully and poignantly resolved all of Buster's conflicts. Most of all, the scene when Buster and Vanilla adopted Robin as their mother was one of the most touching and affecting moments that I have witnessed on television for a long. long time.

Thank you again for providing us with such a loving and humane program. If and when I have any children, I hope that they can someday watch the activities of Buster, Vanilla, Russell, and Robin with me."
Scott Musun

"I just watched "Buster and Me" for the third time and I have to tell you what a pleasure it was (and is) to see something presented on Saturday morning for my 5 year old (and for me) other than the super this, super that cartoons.

I also think its great for my son to see the characters on your show going through things that he is going through, and see some real life problems and solutions, instead of the super good guys thumping the super bad guys.

This show is of a quality that should be shown on network television. Your whole show is excellent. Please keep it up! I've been telling my friends with small children about "Buster and Me".
Ralph Harmon

"We continue to be very pleased and impressed by your own excellent program - BUSTER AND ME.

My children are 11 and 9. We watch it together. It is such a pleasant change from most Saturday morning "children's" shows.

It doesn't talk down to children. It handles situations for children and adults. Thank you for this outstanding program. This is the first time that we've written to a television station."
The Marasco Family

"I am writing to let you know how pleased I am about one of your programs. "Buster and Me" is a genuine asset to your station.

I'm a father of a three year old and the director of a preschool-aged child care organization. As a parent and a professional, I compliment you on the taste, humor and intelligence of "Buster and Me". My son, Noah, watches it enthralled. And it reinforces the kind of social and emotional values my wife and I are trying to teach him. What a refreshing difference from the norm in commercial television's children's programming!

Thank you for your foresight and social responsiveness. I espect it will show up as well in the bottom line as this new generation groups up."
Frank Brezel, Director

"On a foggy summer morning I stayed at home and decided to pursue one of my favorite weekend past- times: watching cartoons. Having recently relocated from Southern California to the Bay Area, reluctance to explore my new hometown overwhelmed me as I anticipated another "smurfy" cartoon show.

To my surprise, a show featuring three little puppet monkeys and a very warm-hearted young woman held my attention closer than any other of my Saturday morning cartoon friends. The show, "Buster and Me" featured fun-filled excitement devoid of racism, sexism and violence. I was flabbergasted! My friends will attest that "Buster and Me" has been my favorite television show since I first watched it!

I watch and tape the show almost every Saturday morning. I feel that it is imperative that people are exposed to positive entertainment offered on "Buster and Me". Most children's programs, especially cartoons suffer from "Kill the Rabbit" or "Squish the Feline" syndrome. "Buster and Me" exemplifies universally positive consciousness and behavior. The plots are always well thought out and humane.

Highest accolades to the writers, puppeteers, creators, producers, and staff and anyone contributing to the greatest show "Buster and Me".

Andre Washington

"I really love your show. Matter of fact I wish that you would cut 1/2 hour from the Smurfs and give one full hour to "Buster and Me".

From a big kid,
I'm 28 years old!!!"

"Thank you for the "Buster and Me" program on Saturday mornings. Both children, Eric (7) and Tina (4), along with their father (36) enjoy the show. I appreciate channel 4 for trying something which is very real-to-life. There are no perfect beings and there are no continuous villains, but varying shades of gray. I also enjoy the little statements that the children obviously do not understand such as Philo Farnworth as the TV addict and Buster saying "Darwin give me strength". Keep up the good work and I hope you will have a long running show. There are many topic that can be handled by a show like this one."
John Wainright

When I was a kid, one of my absolute favourite shows on television was Buster and Me, which featured two puppet chimps (Buster, and his sister Vanilla), and their friend Robin.

Sinclair Klugarsh with cast
Christopher Pray, Buster, Sinclair, Vanilla and Robin Goodrow
Lisa Crowther photo (click on image)

(At WonderCon 2007) I finally got to tell Robin what a crush I had on her as a kid.
She was an absolute sweetheart, and gave me three hugs.
Sinclair Klugarsh

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