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Vanilla, Robin and Buster

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For twenty years Buster and Me racked up awards and delighted television audiences with an inter-species sitcom designed to entertain, delight and educate children by bringing them into the world of two chimps and their human mother. Robin, played by writer/puppeteer Robin Goodrow, does her best as a struggling single mom to bring up young Buster, played by writer/puppeteer Chris Pray, and his little sister Vanilla, also performed by Goodrow. Buster's best friend Russell, a young orangutan, is played by John Gilkerson. Christina Metcalfe served as the show's producer.

Bridging serious themes and hilarious comedy, Buster and Me has addressed many important issues, from divorce and telling the truth to world peace. Along the way it has collected, in addition to two Parents Choice Awards and four local Emmys, the prestigious Iris Award, given by The National Association of Television Program Executives for "The Best Local Children's Show in America".

In a world of televised junk food, Buster and Me has proven to be a nutritious addition to children's media that will endure for generations to come.

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